Ladies and Gentlemen,

probably you have allready heard about us and now you observe:” Damn, this crazy stuff is real!”

If not, no problem, as listed below we describe, who we are and what we do:

G Spirits are best liquors, which stand for excellent taste, gorgeous women and stylish design. Exactly these things, which a bon vivant does appreciate and love.

Every drop of G Spirits was poured over the breasts of a Top model, who has been on many covers of international men´s magazines, before it was bottled. The beautiful Alexa Varga (Playmate of the year 2012 (HU), Playboy Jan 2013 (DE)), Shooting Star Amina Malakona (Covergirl: Playboy (HU), Penthouse (DE, AT, CH ) and the charming Evelin Aubert (Covergirl Playboy  HU) are presenting G Spirits Collectrion No.1.

The result is a bottled, diabolic good mixture of lifestyle!



You are looking for an exclusive gift for a Bachelor party or a man´s birthday? We promise you will hit the mark with our products!



From the figment to the realization and after that at high speed around the world. There was no other liquor brand, which has made so much noise in the world, so far. This is the way to the newsroom of G Spirits.



G.Rum No.1
108.40 *
G.Whisky No.1
116.81 *
G.Vodka No.1
100.00 *
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery