FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Customers often ask questions about our products. To answer them in advance, we created this "questions & answers" page. In the following we listed up the most frequently asked questions and answers, furthermore you find a form to contact us at the bottom of this page.


1. Is it true that the whole content of the bottle run over the breasts of the model?


G-Spirits: Yes, indeed! It´s not just a marketing gag! We have a special form for the pouring process, which you can also see in our making of video.


2. The first G-Spirit collection is limited to 5000 bottles per variety, so 2500 liters run over the breasts of the model?


G-Spirits: No, 2500 liters all at once are too much. We produce smaller quantities, on demand we make new appointments with our models.


3. You´re not getting problems with the public health department, do you?


G-Spirits: Of course not. Obviously we conform to their requirements, not to offend against the food- or consumer protection law. We pay high attention to a hygienic filling process, furthermore medical personnel is present to check it.


4. Is this what you are doing not misogynistic or sexist?


G-Spirits: In our point of view, it is not. Female erotic plays a decisive role in our products. But this means not, that we reduce women to that. We profess very clear to sexual equality and condemn strongly every kind of discrimination be it based on gender, ethnic birth or sexual orientation.


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