Evelin Aubert

The G.Vodka No.1


Our G.Vodka No.1 got its last finish from glamour model Evelin Aubert, successful playmate and finalist of the Miss International Hungary Contest. Could we have reached a better decision to present G-Spirits icecold breath? Definitely not!



G-Spirits: Your beauty and your incomparable glamorous charisma convinced us to pick you as our Vodka model. What was your first thought when you heard about our idea?

Evelin: I like your idea very much, it´s creative and I was convinced from the beginning onward. Once I heard you work together with star photographer Max Seam and Frontlinepictures, there were no doubts that it's not just a nice idea but also a professional execution.




G-Spirits: Did you like the cooperation?

Evelin: Every single one did a great job, from the make-up artist through to the camerateam. I felt completely comfortable and had a great time at the set. This can be seen when you look at the pictures – they are awesome!




G-Spirits: If we describe our Vodka, features like purity, clarity and meekness come to our mind. Thus the appropriate woman has to be an angel. And we found you. Did we choose right or is there a little devil inside you?

Evelin: Of course you decided well, for the most part I´m a decent girl, but however…When there's a party I turn up the heat and paint the town red.



G-Spirits: Your favourite drink?

Evelin: Three guesses! Vodka!


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