Amina Malakona

The G.Rum No.1 




Young, beautiful and successful. 23 year old Amina Malakona has already been on covers of famous magazines like Maxim, Penthouse or Playboy. Now we from G-Spirits signed her on for our first liquor collection to show that she can not only model for non-alcoholic beverages like Coca Cola.




G-Spirits:  Amina, we picked you as the model for our rum. What was your first thought when you heard about our idea?

Amina: At first I definitely thought you were crazy! However, the longer I thought about it the more I started liking the idea. I think it's awesome that you focus on the beauty of women and I must say that I'm really proud to be part of your campaign. Besides the shooting was fantastic, I had a lot of fun! The pictures speak for themselves.



G-Spirits: Our rum is full of SPIRIT and sophisticated. To what extent can you identify with those qualities?

Amina: I certainly can identify with those qualities (laughs). I'm really temperamental which is probably because of my Mediterranean background, it's in my blood. Furthermore I place high demands on myself because I aim for perfection which is also what G-Spirits does. That's why I'm born to be your rum model!




G-Spirits: Tell us about your current job.

Amina: Lately I work for a fashion line, I'll present the next winter collection.


G-Spirits: Winter clothing in the summer? Sounds like hot business.

Amina: Exactly, it's hard work. I love the diversity of my job though and hang on.



G- Spirits: That's why we prefer less clothes.

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