Alexa Varga

The G. Whisky No.1




What concerns our G-Whisky No.1 we are highly proud we found it. What we are most proud to, is that we won the current Playmate Of The Year over for this whisky. Gorgeous Alexa Varga put the finishing touches to our singlemalt and makes it to something special




G-Spirits: First of all congratulation on becoming Playmate Of The Year! A title you have more than derserved.

Alexa: Thank you very much! Yes, all in all it was a quite exciting evening and of course I´m very proud to hold that title. To become one of the first G-Spirit-Girls a moment after, honours me.




G-Spirits: The pleasure is all ours. How do you continue after all this success?

Alexa: After all this media hype I'll take some time off. I really love my job, but it can be exhausting, too.

G-Spirits: Thats true, we understand that. At 8 a.m. this morning, you even gave a TV interview, and just moments later you went to Munich by airplane to join our campaign.

Alexa: Like I said, quite exhausting, but however, I was full of anticipation towards the Shooting.




G-Spirits: The G in our label stands for gentleman. What characterizes a real gentleman in your mind?

Alexa: A real gentleman distinguish himself by being obliging and caring. He knows how to treat ladys.

G-Spirits: Other characterisitcs a man must have?

Alexa: He has to be honest, faithful and needs a sense of humour.




G-Spirits: We award our whisky a high degree of class, intensity and versatility. Features you apply to?

Alexa: Hm, I would say it's for others to judge if you have class or not. What belongs to intensity, I approach everything with great ambition and I try to implement it thoroughly. I always give my best. Moreover I have an open mind towards new things, so I guess I'm quite versatile. That’s why I didn’t consider long about your job offer.


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